This is Jen, our resident party animal & social events organiser.
She has volunteered to be your first point of contact with the club(cause she's a nosy bugger), she scrubs up well & can talk the hind legs off a donkey.
On a more serious note, though she is not a current committee member, she has in the past held the posts of Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer she contributes a great deal to the club and takes a big active part in our pool training.(I still think she is still just a nosey bugger)
If you wish to contact us about joining the club, (or your name's Matt Damon & just want her number) just click on Jens face.


We are now meeting at a new venue every Thursday from 8pm to have an informal chat over a pint primarily to discuss the coming weekend's diving, the previous weekend's diving, up-coming trips, training, boat maintenance & anything else related to the club.
We meet at the Aberdeen Grammar FP Club, 86 Queen's Road, AB15 4Y.
Entry is by the side door on the left hand side of the building, we will be in the main bar.


Deeside Sub Aqua Club are a branch of The British Sub Aqua Club, no. 906. If you are new to diving, have a look at our Training page. There you will find out how it all works.
Although we are affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), it is not necessary to join BSAC. However, most members do decide to join BSAC to enjoy the benefits of membership including Third party insurance, free training (up to Dive Leader), inexpensive courses such as, O2 Administration, Advanced Nitrox, Boat Handler & many more, plus free subscription to Dive magazine. ( Dive Magazine subscriptions alone are worth the cost of BSAC fees).

A large group of members of our branch are divers who trained with other agencies such as Scotsac, SAA & PADI. We welcome divers from any background! Those that have come to us from PADI reckon itís the best move they have made. They say that it has increased the variety and number of dive sites that are available to them. This is due to our members' wealth of knowledge & being the proud owners of a 5.8m RIB! This allows us access to many more sites than they have previously been accustomed to.

DSAC are proud to boast that in our midst is the BSAC Aberdeen Area Coach, along with two other members of the regional coaching team, all of whom are experienced BSAC Advanced Instructors, two are National Instructors, the highest grade possible. Putting it in perspective, of the 40,000 members, there have only ever been 233 National Instructors. Another of our instructors is an Instructor trainer, she is also a PADI OWSI Instructor who crossed over to BSAC 5 years ago. She can provide a full crossover for PADI and SAA divers, having been through it herself! We also have several members going through their instructor training, so the highest standard of training is available within the club.


We also have seven Advanced Trimix divers, four of whom have been using Closed Circuit Rebreathers for
many years, so if you are into deep wrecks, this is where itís at.

When joining DSAC you immediately become an equal part owner of our assests, which include a very nice
5.8m RIB with a Yamaha 100HP four stroke engine. It has a four stroke 4HP Yamaha engine as back up,
along with all the very latest in electronics needed to carry out safe diving many miles from land.

Not all our diving is done from our RIB: we also arrange week long trips & long weekend trips diving from
larger boats throughout the year.



We as a club are a bunch of divers who like to dive in varied locations as inexpensively as diving can get; we do not care about with whom you trained, all we care about is the diving. If you wish to join DSAC & not crossover to BSAC, we have no problem with that as long as you have a Third Party Insurance.
As mentioned above we have several members who started down the PADI route & found their diving was limited to shore diving & the occasional trip now & then. The following are comments made by some them.

I started diving with PADI, doing my Open Water and Advanced Open Water qualifications before spending some time in the Middle East where there was a BSAC diving club associated with the company I was working for. Diving there made me realise how much more enjoyable it is diving as part of a club. You get to know the people you dive with, and the fact that in BSAC the dive marshal decides on the best combinations of divers on the day means that you don't get many surprises or disappointing dives due to being paired with incompatible or unreliable buddies. Plus, having a club boat gives you more diving opportunities at far lower cost than you would get commercially.
Another great advantage of BSAC is that your training comes for just the cost of the materials and necessary expenses. And I would certainly rate the quality of training I've had in BSAC to be unsurpassed. Because on BSAC club dives relatively inexperienced divers are always paired with more experienced buddies, it's a safer environment to learn in. And there are always bits and pieces of training, so that you accumulate more knowledge and experience than you would if you always had to pay high prices for it.

When I joined Deeside I was a PADI Rescue Diver. I was always diving the same old dive sites week in week out & was getting very bored. I now dive places I would never have known existed & having a RIB it costs me less than half the price I would pay if I used a charter boat. I also have made a whole bunch of new mates. I chose also to join BSAC as their course prices are unbelievable to what I had paid in the past.

I followed the PADI route from Open Water Diver to Dive Master, which cost me a small fortune, perhaps in the region of £800 to £1,000, I also did a few speciality courses plus both the Enriched Air Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox, however, as 99% of my diving was from the shore, I never really put either of those courses to any use.
Then I heard about BSAC who, unlike PADI, have clubs, in-house training, evening meetings and most of all to me back then, a RIB. I ventured round to one of Deeside Divers club meetings and had my eyes opened to many a thing, I havenít looked back since. Within 3 months of joining Deeside I was qualified to handle a RIB, this cost me in the region of £30, plus a pint for the instructor of course.
We are very lucky within Deeside to have both the BSAC Regional Coach and Aberdeen BSAC Area Coach in our club. I have found all the courses run through BSAC great fun which in turn makes the learning [and retaining the information] a lot easier, and of course the low costs of the courses have meant that I have been able to upgrade all my equipment. This year alone I have been lucky enough to have been part of the NE Scotland courses including O2, Practical Rescue Management, Dive Planning & Marshalling and the Instructor Foundation Course Ė not once have I spent over £25 on any of these courses and Iíve come out with more skills than Iíve ever had before. BSAC is a non profit organisation, so none of our coaches and instructors get paid for their time, they do it because they love to dive and feel pride in passing on their valuable information to other divers.



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